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piper on the pier


nothing like spending warm september days on the water.

pipes soaked up every last ounce of sun.

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the good light

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drunk with delight – 

our girl inhaled her birthday treats and then basked in the fading light of her first birthday, smothering herself in the warm earth.

pure bliss. 

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awesome asheville

a bastion of individualism, freedom of expression, community, acceptance, and creativity, asheville, n.c. is seriously awesome.

there seem to be more dogs than people (love that!), craft breweries and bistros on every corner, and a feeling in the air that being yourself – who ever that is – is perfectly acceptable.

it’s palpable, how cool this verdant valley in the mountains is.

we need a little more of this vibe up north.  sigh. 

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summer swimmer

we’ve got one on our hands and we couldn’t be more proud.

nor could he.

so brave.  

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a r c h i v e s  
s t y l e  
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