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women – amazing mothers, all

today i celebrate mothering a beloved furry baby no longer physically present, another who is, an adorable boy, and a husband.

i also celebrate all of the amazing women friends in my life – mothers of furry babies, mothers of babies, mothers of all who know them – their “motherhood” credentials vary, but mothers they all are.  

strong, resilient, determined, inspiring.  did i mention strong?  wow!  collectively, women are absolutely astonishingly resolute.  steeled by grief, loss, longing, love – my women friends amaze me.

thank  you, loves, for being such inspiration.

for nurturing so well.

be being you.

happy mother’s day.  

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we’re so over winter, aren’t you?

this little girl just wants to snuggle in and keep warm, and dream of chasing birds in the glorious warm sun.

it’s coming. 

the birds are chirping all day long, the days are longer, and the hope in our hearts of brighter days ahead grows ever stronger.

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unrequited, unfulfilled, lost, desired, needed . . . it’s complicated.

once you know it, have found it, it’s with you forever – an indelible mark on your soul.

the source may leave, but it is always present.


i guess it’s actually very simple.

love never fails.

every february this floral tribute appears on a tree near our home.

i wonder why . . . a memorial to love tragically lost, a gesture for a love still here . . .  i’ve conjured a hundred possibilities in my mind.


it’s vibrant, even in the depth of winter.

it’s what remains. 

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pup yawn

this may be one of the cutest things i’ve seen – 

for the full effect, you need to also hear the tiny squeaking noise she makes as she does it.

love this nutty pup.

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