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seaside frolic

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regal girl

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my heart

this little girl, our first baby, and her “brotha”, this little boy.

they are my heart.  

my loves.

i couldn’t be more proud to be their mommy — and i love them fiercely.  i will forever.  no matter what.

thank you, my loves, for being mine, for being so amazing, for loving me with all you have.

you’ve made life so much sweeter, so much richer.

happy mother’s day to all mommies of all creatures.


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it’s snowing!

 that’s what our little love exclaimed this morning when he saw the delicate pale pink and white petals swirling in the breeze.

like confetti at a new year’s party, the air is full of color and magic.

thankfully, it’s not snow at all – it’s simply spring.

and we revel in it!

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sneak peek – patrick

just in time for saint patrick’s day, i was lucky to meet sweet patrick, a regal golden retriever.  

i had the good fortune to spend a beautiful, albeit windy, day with patrick, who was in his glory.

although he’s ten years old, his vibrant spirit shines bright.  he excitedly sniffed, jumped, explored, retrieved, and pranced about.

and he’s kept his puppy penchant for carrying as many stuffed toys as he can fit in his mouth – too adorable for words.  even better is the pride he exudes when he’s collected them all – he stands taller, lifts his head higher, and delights in his retrieving abilities – and presents them to his devoted guardians.

what a love. thanks for a fabulous day together, beautiful boy.

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