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happy christmas


to those voiceless, defenseless creatures of this earth; to those in need of loving homes and hoping for forever families; to those who love without condition and trust blindly – to all animals great and small.

you are loved, cherished, and valued.

you matter beyond measure.

sweet animals, we are hoping for your care, safety, and welfare this holiday – and every day.

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magical thinking


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feels like fall

crisp air, warm sunshine, cool breeze, and the smell of leaves – divine!

a perfect day for an adventure over covered bridges, through a stream, and over the vibrant hills glowing with autumnal colors.

it amazes me each fall – the spectacular beauty that dying ushers in with it.

revel in it – it’s fleeting, like life itself.

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piper on the pier


nothing like spending warm september days on the water.

pipes soaked up every last ounce of sun.

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